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Mainzer Volksbank eG  

"For cancer patients, the diagnosis alone is a bitter stroke of fate. The subsequent fight against the disease is physically as well as mentally exhausting. A burden on both the sufferer and his family. For the healing process sport can have a very positive effect and help to gain hope, joy and new strength. That's why ideas, like the one by Marco Mattes, deserve our supported. He shows that in a functioning community everyone can do something good. True our cooperative idea "What one man does not do on his own, many will succeed."

- Peter Jost, (Manager of the marketing department) -

New Wave - Sportswear GmbH

"When we heard about Marco's idea and his commitment to the initiative" Rowing against cancer ", we knew that we wanted to support him in his crazy project in the best possible way. Therefore, it is natural for us to equip him on his tour with the optimal sports clothing. So he will no longer have to fight against the weather, but only against his inner bastard! New Wave Sportswear wishes you every success Marco"

- Toni Seifert, (World Champion Germans-8th & Business Development Manager von New Wave) -

Rheinhessen Sound

"His personal commitment to help fellow human beings suffering from cancer deserves our support. We always wish a hand's breadth of water under the keel."

- Marcel Mattes, (executive Director) -

Sebamed - Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG

"Marcos initiative 'rhine-rowing against cancer' is a wonderful and at the same time encouraging way of approaching this difficult topic. With our involvement with the 'German Sportsaid' and cause of the companys headquarter in the immediate vicinity to the Rhine, we knew straight away, that we would support this project. For his trip we wish Marco the very best!"

- Udo Klüwer (Manager of the marketing department) -

"We are working hard to develop new cancer therapies and improve patient lives. Therefore, we rely on the latest research and innovative forms of cooperation. It is also important to give a voice to the needs of cancer patients. In order to achieve this in today's media-dominated world, you sometimes have to take unusual paths. That's why we are happy to support this very special event by Marco Mattes."

- Carl Janssen (Oncology Lead Germany - executive Director Pfizer Pharma GmbH) -

Lions Clubs International

"For over 100 years, the LIONS have been helping all over the world and with over 1.4 million members it makes us the largest aid organization in the world. Our mission is to empower others to engage themselves for other people, for humanitarian needs and for promoting peace and understanding among each other. One of our strategic goals is to help children with cancer to improve their chances of survival. So, what was closer than supporting Marco with a community of Lionsclubs?! To Marco: Good luck, always a handful of water under the keel, sleeves high, grab the skulls and row!"

- Dr. Detlev Chercham, (President, LC Karlsruhe-Fächer) -

- Dr. Andrea Litzenburger (President, LC Mainz) -

- Elmar Neuroth (President, LC Mainz-Schönborn) -

- Harald Düster (Webmaster, LC Dieblich) -

- Hanö Hegerl (President, LC Köln Rhenus) -

"Text Filippi"

- Marc Krömer, (executive Director "Die Ruderwerkstatt") -

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Lotto Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate

„Respect for the sporting challenge. Respect and full support for doing something for cancer patients. Good luck and success, Marco Mattes "

- Frank Zwanziger, executive Director -

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