Trip & Plans

What moves the foundation and me to the trip onto the Rhine

It has been scientifically proven that sport can positively counteract cancer and significantly increase life expectancy. I will row for this message!

- Marco Mattes -

We would like to raise awareness about the importance of sport in cancer diseases and then finance specific sports projects for children.

 - Stiftung Leben mit Krebs -

This year (May/June 2019) Marco Mattes will be rowing for the good cause and three final sports projects for children with cancer.

His plan: He will row down the whole Rhine in a skiff - from Bregenz (AUT) to Rotterdam (NL). With this great trip he wants to draw attention to one of the central diseases of the 21st century: cancer.

He will cover about 1.100km (700 miles) on the water and will float past the most beautiful cities and landscapes of Central Europe. At certain times he has to carry around the boat and will spend all nights in rowing & water sports clubs along the Rhine.

Your support is needed to communicate the message, that sport in particular can help people with cancer. Together, let us set a sign against cancer and help children with cancer directly with your 1 euro donation.

How the idea has been arised?

Marco Mattes:

"The idea arose because of my many years working for the foundation. Since its founding in 2005, it has set itself the goal of improving the quality of life for cancer patients by therapy-supporting measures.

As a platform and figurehead, the biggest charity series in Germany - "Rowing against Cancer" - was launched, in which amateurs consisting of physicians, patients and private individuals compete against each other on the regatta. For almost 10 years now I am involved as a rowing coach and project manager in the organization of regattas and the training of amateur teams. That's why this regatta series is personally close to my heart. 

With the support of the Foundation, I want to take this event to a whole new level in order to sensitize even more people along the Rhine to this topic. At the same time, I want to generate donations for sports therapies and projects for children with cancer. "

the route

When will our rower be at your place? (trip in May/June 2019)