The rower

Marco Mattes

Marco Mattes (28) is a rower of the Mainzer Rowing-Club and was able to earn some sporting success in his youth. Since 2008 he is coaching children and adults as a personal trainer and is also the main organizer of the charity regatta "rowing agains cancer" in Mainz.

He is studying sport, geography and history at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz  and is currently in the final stages of his master's program.

As a half Swiss he is addicted to the mountains and that's why he also loves to teach as a professional ski-instructor in the ski-school wagrain, like he will do in this winter again. In the summer times, he likes to travel as a supervisor with youth leisures of the  Sportjugend of Landessportbundes Rheinland-Pfalz. Born with strong affinities for sports and travel, looks like he has been made for the trip on the Rhine.

But in the middle of 2017 he had a horrible bike accident, from which he tries to recover ever since. The trip on the Rhine will be his final step to achieve full rehabilitation.

the patrons

Michael Ebling & Julia Klöckner

"Marco Mattes will ride the entire Rhine from Bregenz to Rotterdam in a very personal project, aiming to raise money to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. His event is closely linked to the great rowing tradition in Mainz. On June the 1st 2019, he will arrive in Mainz from Mannheim, where at the end of the day's stage, the Mainz Rowing Club will organize a big party to welcome him. As a patron, I am already looking forward to this event!"

Michael Ebling
Lord Mayor of the state capital Mainz

If not you, who else?! You've done a lot, dear Marco, and I'm sure you'll make it. With willpower, physical fitness and a clear goal in mind. For many years I know you as the main organizer of the regatta "rowing against cancer", for which I was often able to take over the patronage. Now, for the first time, you will campain alone for children with cancer and drive down the entire Rhine in a skiff - from Bregenz to Rotterdam. Anyone who has ever sat in a rowing boat knows what a great achievement that is.

On the 1st of June, the stage from Mannheim to Mainz will be over, ending with a big party at the Mainzer Ruderverein. As a patroness I wish all guests and supporters of Marco Mattes much joy! Dear Marco, I wish you a wonderful time on the water in spite of the physical and mental stress that your project certainly brings, and congratulate you on your great commitment. Regarding the initiative "rowing against cancer", I can only invite everyone to participate and to inform themselves. Through their donations, as many cancer patients as possible can be given a new quality of life and also a piece of vitality. Because we all know that the joy of life and a confident psyche helps immensely to fight this serious disease .

Julia Klöckner
CDU State Chairwoman & Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture

The cooperation partner

Foundation Leben mit Krebs (live with cancer)

Since its founding in 2005, the aim of the Life with Cancer Foundation has been to significantly improve the quality of life of people with cancer. To this end, the foundation supports therapy-supporting offers and scientific projects that are supposed to make life with cancer a little easier. A central focus here is the task of establishing exercise therapy for patients. Among other things, these projects are financed through the nationwide charity regatta "Rowing against Cancer".
With the project "Rhinerowing against cancer" by Marco Mattes, the foundation combines the possibility to support children, who are in need cause of a cancer disease. Therefore, the foundation (CEO Mr. Klaus Schrott) supports the unusual project and personal commitment of its employee.